Reflections From a Sandbox

I was recently reminiscing about a favorite childhood pastime of my brother and I and I had a realization.  I remember playing out in the sandbox with all the mud and a hose. My brother and I would create tunnels for the water, rivers, little lakes, streams, we created our own little water park. As I thought about those times I began to think about why it was that I enjoyed that so much. And as I think of it now I think it was because I was in charge. Being young there wasn’t much that I had domain over but for those hours in the sandbox I was king. I had control of how everything went.

As I look at my own life now and things that I stress about the things that concern or worry me, it’s just the opposite of my little sandbox. I have no control. I can’t control when I am going to finally know what I am going to do with my life, or when I am going to meet that girl that I have been waiting for. I have no way to steer G-d where I want to go, it’s under His control. At moments I feel like I am just treading water, I am working hard but I am not going anywhere. That’s not all bad… If I just realize that I must keep treading water and know that G-d is going to direct the current where he wants me.

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