Tough Guys and Thunder

For those of you who were in Fort Collins a few nights ago you probably were having trouble sleeping during the tremendous thunderstorm. I was lying in bed around midnight trying to get to get some good rest for my final the next day when I thought someone flashed a camera in front of my face. I knew it wasn’t a camera when I felt the whole house shake from the thunder a few moments later. The thunder continued for a few minutes and I just had to give up on the chance of falling asleep since it was so loud. So for the next 30 minutes or so my roommates and I watched in awe of the thunderstorm.

It reminded me of a time while I was working construction that I watched a similar storm after we had all ducked for cover inside the unfinished garage. It was interesting to me to see how even with as tough as intimidating as these guys were they were just as in awe as my roommates were about the storm the other night. No joke I remember almost all of these guys telling me some story of something they had done to do some time, but when that storm hit, they were just like little boys standing in awe of the thunder saying “did you see that one?!”

It makes me think, maybe we have forgotten one aspect of approaching G-d Like a child does. So many times we talk about how we should come to God like a child meaning because of the love a child has. The pure trust, the basic “I love you and that’s all that matters” attitude of a child is what we so often focus on. But perhaps there is more to that. Perhaps we forgot one thing about how to approach G-d like a child. Perhaps we should also approach G-d with a healthy dose of fear and awe. Just like my friends who were stilled awed by a thunderstorm despite being quite tough. We should also approach G-d with respect and reverence just like a little girl respects and loves her father, with a little bit of admiration.

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