Chilling with JC

I’ve been reading this book called Enjoy the Silence the past few weeks and it’s been really challenging. It day has a short devotional for you to think about for that day and then it challenges you to take 15-20 minutes in complete silence to think about whatever that point was. I have to admit it’s been a lot harder then I have expected. I spent 20 minutes just today thinking about what signs people are putting in front of me along my figurative road of life. Signs from my circumstances, from people, my classes the things I am reading, the weather, and most importantly God. It was hard. Each day I wake up I have this to-do-list in my head of things I need to get done and it feels almost impossible to take 20 minutes out of my day and just think about Him without letting any of those things distract me. There was a few times I reached for my phone to text someone about a meeting I needed to set up but then set it back down realizing I was letting myself get distracted from my time with God. I get so busy I often feel I don’t have time for God. I’ll listen to a sermon as I clean the house as if to think that that should be enough for God. I would never do that to one of my friends though. Call up my friend Danny and tell him to come over so we can hang out while I clean around the house. That’s ridiculous that’s not really spending time with Danny; I would just be checking it off my list. Martin Luther had a much better view on it all. I wish I could remember his exact words but it was something to the effect of this: the busier I am the more I know I must spend even more time with God. It’s not exactly the attitude we have now. Instead, we look at our day and think if it isn’t too busy, we’ll spend some time with God. Luther had it just the opposite, the busier he was the more time he spent with the Lord. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t the only one who could learn something from this.

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