Women of God

I just finished reading the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge. For those of you ladies out there who haven’t read it, you should.

After reading it I just wanted to encourage all of you ladies out there of a few things. You are beautiful, don’t let the things or the people of this world ever tell you otherwise. God created you as the crown of His creation. And when he paid the price on the cross for you, he did it with loving thoughts of each one of you that you hold the utmost importance to His kingdom. That you are heirs of God with Christ Jesus that makes each one of you the princess’s that you dreamed of becoming when you were young, and perhaps still do. That also, through being heirs with Christ you hold not only a position of beauty but also of authority and power. God had a purpose for each of you that will not be thwarted, a purpose to change the world through you.

Hold on to that truth and know that nothing can make you whole but your heavenly father, no man, no matter how Christ like, funny, loving and caring he may be. No purpose outside of Christ will ever fill you, but Christ alone. You are a princess of destiny!

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