The Blizzard inside of Us

Courtesy of "Coloradoan"

It’s been a little over a week since the blizzard that caused havoc on about every tree here in Fort Collins, but I am still a little bitter about the fact we didn’t get off school at all because of it. As I’ve been thinking about it it’s rather odd in some ways. A storm hits that brings snowfall so much greater then any of our trees could obviously handle and even though there are tree limbs down in almost every lawn in town we go on as if nothing has happened. It’s that tough Colorado spirit I guess, 12″ of snow half a tree gone in the front yard, and I am biking to school.

As I’ve thought about it though it can be a lot like our own lives. Something has gone horribly wrong with us, with something around us and we try to act like the world is fine and dandy. We’re overstressed, we’re bitter, we’re tired. We have friendships breaking, marriages ending, we’re in a desperate search for a job after being let go from the last one. We keep falling into the same temptations, yet in the midst of all of it we’re trying to act like nothing is out of the ordinary. That we don’t need someones help.

Well it’s been a week and those branches are still all over the streets, the yards, on top of roofs. The point is, it’s all a mess and our lives can be that way. We, as a group have to work together to clean up the mess. One of us isn’t going to be able to clean up all the branches all over town. And none of us can clean up what ever is going on in our lives by ourselves. It needs to be team effort. So seek out that help, find the people you can trust, the people you know are willing to help you out and talk it out. G-d made us as social creatures and as a result we need each other. There is no shame in that. If your going through something don’t try to clean it up yourself get your friends find your support and start working through it.

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