Silence. It’s something that we are often completely uncomfortable with. In a world in which we are stimulated constantly by the things around us we quickly become uneasy when there isn’t something grappling for our attention. As if the music in department stores wasn’t enough we see stores like Wal-Mart now putting up small televisions with spontaneous adds to tell us what else we need to buy while we are there, gas stations are doing the same.

And if we do find a time of silence, a quick time of rest, in our busy days we feel the an irresistible urge to unload, to think over all of the things that we have been going through all day. To think harder on the decisions we have been struggling with hoping that maybe, this short time of quiet will finally give us the wisdom we’ve been looking for. If we haven’t had our time with the Lord that day we use that silence to pray, to get into the Word. But it’s just the same. We are not at rest. When we are in the Word, we are once again being stimulated, granted this a good stimulation, but it’s not real silence. When we are in prayer we have become the source of stimulation. We tell G-d our desires, our needs, our thanks, our wants…. What’s the issue in all of this? We haven’t listened. If we want to have conversation with G-d it needs to be just like a conversation with a friend. You don’t call a 20 minute monologue to your friend a conversation, and 20 minutes reading his book isn’t one either. We need to take time to let Him speak. Silence…. Silence the music…. Silence the phone…. Silence the television…Silence the distractions… Silence your mind…Silence your thoughts…. Listen. Be still.

G-d spoke to Elijah in the quiet. G-d tells us to be still and know that He is G-d.

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