I am going to ask, that you let me be a little poetic or even a bit romantic today. I’ve been thinking about one of the desires that impresses deeply on my heart. Being 23 and seeing a lot of my friends ‘tying the knot’ so to speak it’s made me think a lot about my own desire to be married someday.  It’s on my mind a lot, sometimes just something simple like having someone that I know I will be with for the rest of my life but in other moments it is something much more… sentimental.

I think of a girl who sees my arm draped around a sofa and purposely puts herself under my arm and snuggles her head into my chest. I think of a girl, that I go on a long walk with talking as we hold hands and enjoy the Lords creation. I imagine a girl whose hugs draw significance to me greater than anyone else’s, that has a familiarity.


At this point I realize I’ve divided those of you reading this into two groups. Either those that are daydreaming along with me and those that find this just a little too mushy. Either way here me out for just a bit more.

What I’ve realized as of late as I think about those moments is that G-d has a desire not so unlike those moments for us. Since G-d calls us His ‘bride’ it only makes sense that He has a longing for something like that with us as well. Maybe it’s not the same physical affection that you and I long for from our significant other, but I don’t think it is too distant from that same longing. He sees the moments that we are pressed into His word as we may see a girl snuggling into our chest. He feels our prayers as a long walk into an extravagant sunset holding our hand. He feels the moments of our worship as the long, pure, and loving kiss. He feels the moments that we pour out our heart to Him whether in frustration, anger, praise, thanksgiving or adoration as those long embraces that capture our minds with the ones we love.


Perhaps the desires in our own hearts are in some way or another G-d trying to show us… to explain to us… how His desires for us feels to Him.


Just something to think about.


Perhaps our desires are an illustration of Gd desire for us.

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