In G-ds presence


The weather in FoCo the last week or so has been tremendous. Today in particular I found an extremely nice day. After power washing some bathrooms till 2 am last night it was nice to be sleeping in a dark room and wake up  to a sunshiny day. I spent the first waking moments of my day sitting in prayer and in the word soaking up the sun. It’s in the moments like those the moments that I am basking in the Son, that I wish time could simply stand still.

It is so very easy for us when we know we have a long busy day ahead of us to think we don’t have time for doing something like that. But Martin Luther had it right when he said he would spend more time in prayer on his busy days because he knew those were the days he needed it most. It is so reversal of the way we live anymore.
            “I am too busy to spend time with the Lord today”

“I only have time to listen to a talk or my bible on the way to work”

“I’ll pray on my way to a meeting”

Those are the thoughts running through our head. To have Luther’s attitude completely flips our worldview upside down. But he is right. He is completely right. The more hectic, the busier, the more overwhelmed we feel should scream to us that we should be standing in His presence. Remember that. Do it!

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