Justice. The term doesn’t exactly bring happy thoughts to many of our minds. The first images that often come to our minds when we think of the word are those who have not received it. we think of those to whom justice has not come through for them, those who have been wronged. We think of those whom justice has not been served to those who did wrong and justice has seemed to have overlooked. We think of the personal wrongs and hurts that have come to us that justice has not been served. For us… it is personal. Justice in the real world seems to do too much or too little. But what of the perfect judge. G-d is called the perfect giver of justice, not too much, not too little… just…balanced…equal…


When we think of G-d being the perfect giver o

f justice Christ’s sacrifice cannot be overlooked. It is Christ’s death that allows perfect justice to come. Justice for us is personal… the wrong is against us so the justice that must be served must be personal as well. It is the same for G-d, He has been wronged by us and so his justice is to make personal atonement for that wrong. But, instead of reining that personal emotional wrath upon us He took

it out on His Son. Is then, there no justice given to those who have done wrong since Christ has taken it all? By all means there yes, but is perfect. It isn’t personal, unlike our justice full of emotion, wrathful, uncalculated and limited G-d’s wrath is calm, cool, calculated, precise, a perfect equal for the wrong. A justice not done because “someone must pay” but done because it is the simply result. Because by touching the fire we aren’t burnt. Not because we made G-d angry but because what we have done has a natural result. Because each action has an equal and opposite reaction.

G-d’s justice is one that we could never perform. Not only because we do not have the strength to perform it, nor because we do not have the power to know what is needed, but most importantly because we cannot remove ourselves from a personal justice. His justice on us is not because we wronged Him. That justice was taken upon the cross, his justice on us is simply because. Simply because of justice, for justice sake.

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