Lessons from a Child

Well before I take off this summer I am working a job at a daycare teaching kids how to swim. As you could expect the job keeps me on my toes. I’ve seen the kids that are 12 years old and afraid of the 4′ “deep” end because they don’t think they can swim, end and the 4 year olds that think they can and sink like rocks in 2′ of water. But the most interesting thing is seeing the personalities of each individual child and especially their interaciton with their parents. I remember one class in particular that always turned out to have someonething interesting.

I remember each kid pretty well but it was two particular instances with Caleb that were hard to forget. The first day of classes with Caleb, he was… well I’ll be honest a handful. But I could tell that his mother was watching intently and was taking note that he wasn’t exactly being a dream child. The next day it was very obvious that Caleb and his mom had had a little chat. For the rest of the week, Caleb payed attention quite well and even encouraged the other kids in the class, which believe me never happens. But the thing that I remember the most was the first part of that second day of class. At one point Caleb steped down a step further then I had asked him and I simply asked him to go to the other step with the rest of the class, which he promptly did. But after doing as I asked he quickly yelled for his moms attention and said “Mom! I listened!” there was an excitement in his voice Caleb was delighting in his mothers commands.

That is the way we should be delighting in what Christ desires of us. We are to delight in the commands of the Lord. In the same way that Caleb delighted in doing as I wished because his mother desired it so are we to delight in things because our Father above desires it. So wher ever G-d has you, whatever G-d is calling you to do, know that you can and should delight in it because G-d wants you in it, and that alone should give you delight.

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