G-d be the Glory

I don’t even know how to really start this post in all honesty. The title sums it up pretty well honestly…. To G-d be the Glory. that has kinda been G-d’s lesson to me in the last few weeks. Fundraising has been really challenging and humbling this summer. Most particularly some of the ‘big’ fundraiser events that I tried to put together ended up being a large shot of humble pie.
First I had a fundraiser concert that my brother lovingly volunteered to play for, I was hoping to see around 50 people or so but it ended up being a small little get together of about 20 of my friends and family. Still fun, but not exactly a moneymaker fundraiser wise. I was confused.
Then just last Friday I had what I hoped would be a giant movie night fundraiser. My good friend Andrew set up a giant screen in a field by my Lifepointe Church, I had over 400 flyers that I passed out to friends and at one the largest church here in Fort Collins. I had some pretty high expectations. With all the promoting I had done talking to friends, and over facebook and everything else I thought I would have somewhere around 100 people. But again it ended up being a disappointment for a fundraiser. Another group of 20 or so and barely breaking even with all the pop and popcorn I was hoping to sell, let’s just say it wasn’t what I had in mind. But as the night went on and I finally gave up on delaying the movie hoping a random crowd of 100 people would show I felt G-d say to me in a soft whisper something that changed my perspective.
I heard Him say to me “Noah, I will provide the money you need for this trip, but I want to do it in a way that makes it clear to you that I am the one doing it and not you”.From noahmyers.theworldrace.org
And as I think about how this G-d has already provided for this trip so far it is really true. The Lord has done this in His way. Some of the… scratch that almost all of the money I have raised from this trip has come from sources I never would have expected. Friends I haven’t talked to in years, random chance meetings with people I have lost contact with, people giving me more than I know they can afford.
I am only $3,500 away from being fully funded, which puts me over4 months ahead of schedule, and G-d has done it in His way…
To Him be the Glory!

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