Is it hard?

Each time I write one of these blogs I try to think of the questions that you all must have back home. As I am writing today I suspect that some of you want to ask me if it has been hard. If it has been hard living without and away from all of the nice enjoyments we have back home. Having a washer and dryer, having constant power a car to drive where ever I want and not having to take the bus. Being able to hit up some fast food place or the local grocery store for whatever my heart desire. I miss it for sure. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have had an urger for some Big City Burrito (now for instance). But has it been hard?


Not really.

Maybe that’s just do the fact that I love to camp and being away from those conviniences even when I am in a big city makes me feel a little like I am camping. But I really don’t think that is it. I am actually sitting ona bus right now for the fourth time in the last 4 days on a 6+ hour bus ride and I can’t really say I have any complaints.

When I see how little some of the villages we pass up have I don’t really feel sorry for them either. Don’t take that the wrong way. I don’t say that because I hav no heart. I say it because they are content. The villages we pass up have what they need. My heart doesn’t go out to people because they are in need of things my heart goes out to them because they need Christ. And honestly in the last three months in Africa I can honeslt say that these Africans (Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania) are richer than us in this sense.

I mentioned I am on a 6+ hours bus ride. Did I mention they are playing worship music videos along the ride?

I’ve lost some things along the last few months as well. I left a speaker I bought in Cambodia in Uganda as we were passing through. My camera decided it didn’t want to work any more last month. A few other random here and there. But I don’t need them. I surely do look forward to those conviences once again when I get home but what I can’t do without. What we can’t do without is Christ. I pray for Christ to spread over these nations. I don’t pray for prosperity. Prosperity is nice but it’s not a need. In pray for Christ. Christ contentment.


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