I visited Omido!

Omido is on my left surrounded by his family and my teamate Graham.

I had an amazing blessing last month. When I signed up for World Race I knew there was a possibility that I might be able to see a few friends from Capernwray (the bible school I attended 5 years ago in England). Well last month I had the privilege to see Omido, and what a work of the Lord that was!

Omido lives in a small city about an hour and a half outside of Eldorete and as my squad got our assignments for Kenya and I e-mailed Omido asking where he was I realized I was only an hour away from him. It seriously was an amazing work of the Lord! I hadn’t even told anyone that I had a friend in Kenya and I was still sent to our closest contact in Kenya.

Well as you could guess I had the chance to spend a weekend with him while were in Kenya, and let me just say the Lord is doing some amazing work through Omido.

view of the new and old church from the mountain
view of the new and old church from the mountain

When we attended, Capernwray Omido was the pastor of a small congregation in his city. Since his return home the church has grown… a LOT. In fact in order to reach the city better Omido has split his church 6 times and planted new churches in different places in the town.

Currently Omido and his congregation is in the midst of raising support for finishing a beautiful new building. Tucked up right up against the side of the mountain, the church is in a beautiful location. The walls are up and the rafters as well but they are still needing money for the roof. This new building will be the location for his multi-congregational conferences.

View from inside the new building
View from inside the new building

I was blessed so much by the time with Omido and after 8 months of travel it was nice to see a familiar face. Omido is still his quiet Godly humble self. But, having the privilege to preach at his church and watch him smile and dance in worship is a memory I will not soon forget

Omido recalled with fondness my leading worship at Capernwray and so asked me to lead a song at the end of the service. Amazing Grace being one of the only songs I know by heart ended up being my choice by default. Amazing grace was written by John Newton as a step of repentance for all the things he had done as a first mate on a slave ship. That thought, of singing it in Africa, and the privilege to sing it once again with Omido brought me a new joy and a memory that will forever come to my mind when I sing that song.

Already have the rafters up just need roofing.
Already have the rafters up just need roofing.

Needless to say, that short with Omido really renewed my strength. And so I am hoping to return the favor. Omido still has about $6,000 still left to raise to finish the new building, and I was hoping we could all try to help him out with that. I am especially asking my Capenwray friends to do what they can to help out.

I’ve started a paypall account that you can donate through. I don’t know if I’ll be able to really keep that I am doing this from Omido but I would like to get him the money some time after I get home, so that gives us about 3 months to raise as much as we can.

All you need to do to donate is start a pay pall account (it’s free) and then click the send money tab. From there all you need is my email address which is zuisudramyers@gmail.com specify how much money and click sending money to family and friends.

I also found out my flight home this week! Looks like I will be home on the 31st! I can’t wait to see all of you!

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