Wake up call- did you get it?

Image Lately I’ve been reading some stuff by Richard Dawkins. If you don’t know he is probably the leading Atheist in the world right now. He has really taken the burden of championing the Athiest cause and eradicating it wherever he sees it. Needless to say most Christians don’t exactly like the guy. But what has proven most painful to me as I read his book isn’t his arguments against christianity. Some of them are typical and pretty crappy, others I’ll admit are very challenging are really making me think thoroughly. But this isn’t what bothers me the most. What bothers me most. What makes me really ashamed is fellow Christians reactions to him.

All it takes is a quick search on any Richard Dawkins video and you’ll see comments or video replies from Christians that are shameful. Shameful really doesn’t completely explain it. So let me just show you one example of what I am talking about. Dawkins gives a brief moment in his book to talk about these verbal terrors, giving examples of what one of his friends has received, here is just one:


Yep… you read that right. And this person is proclaiming the name of G-d! Obviously we still don’t get it. Matthew 5:44 ‘love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.’  Why are people like Dawkins met with so much hate from self proclaimed Christians? Who else have we somehow proclaimed as an enemy of the church? The Gays? The Lesbians? The feminists? The gun-control lobbyists? Those trying to take religion out of school? Argue with them disagree with them, I get it. I encourage it. But when arguing with someone turns into  this you are in the wrong. YOU ARE SINNING! In fact I would urge you that if you have decided to mount an attack in these areas. If you want to debate the atheist, to explain sexual sin to the homosexual, to justify men in leadership to the feminist you better be praying and loving them before you start. And at any moment that you realize either your love or prayers have ceased is the moment you must stop. Right then and there in that moment you must stop. For instance one thought that crossed my mind… I wonder with all the question and answer sessions that Richard dawkins has done I wonder if someone has ever asked Rich what he could use prayer for… unfortunately I doubt it.

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