Christian, Just Do It

Ukraine has been an amazing month, to put it simply we feel at home here. There hasn’t been many countries in the past year that I could say this about but in all honesty, I could live here. Ukraine is beautiful, the people are amazing, our church has been great and feels like a family. We are here during cherry season so it’s rare to go a day without a few free cherries picked any random tree we may walk by in the day. In fact I don’t think I’ll be able to eat cherries without thinking of Ukraine anymore.

Another thing that feels like home is the Nike shirts. Our friend Roma in particular seems to have a Nike ‘Just do it’ shirt for each day of the week. I was thinking of what my big take away is from World Race earlier today when his shirts came into my mind. It sums it up pretty well honestly.

just do it

After 10 months of traveling with 54 other Christains and at least 1 near me 24/7 I think the biggest thing I have learned about the Christian life is just that. ‘Just do it’, stop making excuses. Stop talking about what you can and can’t do. Why you can’t today, or why it needs to wait till tomorrow. Stop rationalizing why this time doesn’t count. Or explaining away why your the exception or this is the exception to what you know the Christian life calls you to do just do it. It’s that simple. Just do it.

I was looking over some of the nike commercials today and one of them really stood out. Watch and think of the Christian life. The things G-d calls us to do. Serve the poor, take care of the sick, pray for our enemies, love those who persecute us, share our gifts, share our things… just do it!

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