Church Family This is how we do it!

This last Month in Ukraine has been incredible. Seriously I have grown to love our church here so much and I have learned so much about what church fellowship should look like. Let me put it this way, when you look up church family or church fellowship in a dictionary you should have a picture of the church we were a part of this month in the margin.

Fellowship was just a natural automatic procedure of this church. It seems they couldn’t help it honestly. Getting together with a few of my friends in a week doesn’t happen all of the time back home. But hanging out with the whole church a few times in a week would really come as a suprise. This church has been just the opposite though. I think we hung out with the whole church at least 3 times every week. Either playing frisbee, having dinner or lunch, maybe going for a picnic or hitting up the town. They just do things together all the time.

A few of us will decide to head to the park and the next thing you know everyones there, tossing a frisbee around, sitting on the bench talking. Someone will show up with chocolate and pop for the people playing games it’s awesome!

I hope I can take this home. I really hope I can start fellowship like this. I mean honestly, when I hang out with friends from church it’s only the people my age. But there is a whole lot to be said for having everyone, the little tikes running around… the old guy who can’t hear anyone. Having those people all around is sooo great. So I think I really want to make that happen when I get home. It will be hard the church out here is a bit smaller than mine back home but I know we could start that fellowship even if it’s just once a week.

Oh and I figured you should see some good examples of that fellowship so here are some pictures of our church out here.

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