Take Nothing With you…

One of my favorite stories in the Gospels is where Jesus sends out the disciples in pairs and simply says for them to ‘take nothing with them’. In the past it has always struck me because of it’s simplicity. Living in the United States I think we often forget how little we actually need. When Jesus tells his disciples to take nothing it is a reminder that as we face the trials or life, or as we go to follow His commands that he will provide what we need to do so.

I always looked at this as purely a materialistic providence. That G-d simply took care of His disciples and in turn us as we follow His commands by providing for what they need physically. But I realized recently that this is only the start of it. G-d’s providence is so much more than that.

G-d is providing for every need physical or not G-d provides.

Well you have probably heard that a ton of times, so maybe I should illustrate what I am trying to mean.

When you have that friend at work that you are feeling the urge to reach out for but you don’t feel prepared… you’ve forgotten the meaning of this passage. When you feel that in order to go on a mission trip you either don’t have the skills or the money to go, you’ve forgotten the meaning of this passage. When you feel you don’t have the words to share your testimony with someone, you’ve forgotten the meaining of this passage.

G-d will provide you with everything you need. He will give you the words… He will give you the money… he will give you the actions… the patience… the wisdom… the materials… the skills… the abilities.

I am not saying that it is wrong for you to try and grow in those things, go to the training for your misison trip. But when you start using the fact that you don’t have that skill, knowledge, etc. as a excuse for not obeying the Lord’s call… you have forgotten that He will provide.

He is your provider….

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