My thoughts… Noah, the movie.

Well I know the original hype for the movie has passed, and almost everyone has put in their two cents, but I had to add some of my own thoughts to the mix.

Well for reasons of the name my father and mother gave me, (my name) the story of Noah has always been rather personal to me. Maybe that has given a different perspective then a lot of folks, who knows?

I’ve read all of the blogs too, all the reviews. Some of them ripped it apart because frankly it wasn’t very biblical. I think it is legitimate criticism, but maybe there is a positive out of the movie they missed.

Others tried to give it the benefit of the doubt saying it was a good entertaining movie despite that it wasn’t biblical. The more optimistic group I think we’re trying to say that though it wasn’t biblical it should be a good source of conversation and for that we should be glad they made the movie.

Can I be the first to say that is pretty pathetic? That the best we can hope for In a full scale biblical movie is some good conversation?

Is it really too much to ask to have a biblical movie that follows the original script?

Here comes my little soap box:

To Christian movie makers… Stop. Stop trying to make an original script, and make a movie a script out of the same book you decide your entire life from.

To the non-Christian movie makers…. Two things.
One, if you don’t like religion don’t make a religious movie. It wouldn’t make sense to have someone who hates sports making a sports movie. They wouldn’t understand the heart of it, the soul of it, they can’t know it because they aren’t part of it. So if you don’t like it, if your not part of it don’t try to make a movie about it.
Second, if you aren’t doing a religious movie because you are religious you must be doing it for the money. I guess you forgot that 3 of the worlds most populous religions believe in the Old Testament….. 3.8 billion people…If you want to make more money you may want them to want to watch your movie… Just a thought.

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