You’re A Tool…

I know it probably sounds like a bad thing but it’s true…

Your a tool.

I don’t mean tool in the sense that your a jerk; I mean tool in the sense that your useful, most of us dont look at ourselves that way. 

We don’t want to be just another thing used to change or fix something. We want to be the worker. We want to be the the one who orchestrates everything. 

A tool is completely useless without a skilled worker behind it. So in the process of change we want to be the worker not the tool. We want to be the brains of the operation not the muscle. But God is the brains, not you,  You are a tool. 

But there is the relief in this. Because you are a tool, it is not your responsibility to fix everything.

A lot of us want to be able to fix everything around us. We want to be the one to help mend broken relationships or friendships. We want to be the one who helps someone else figure out what they want to do with their life. To be the one source that helps someone get back on track. But it doesn’t happen like that.

The relief in knowing that you are a tool, is that everything doesn’t fall on you anymore. If your friend isn not back on track yet, know it all doesn’t fall on you. God is working. You may be a part of that process, but your not the whole thing… your one tool, in Gods rather extensive tool box.

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