The Decomposition of Community (Part 3)…Option Paralysis FOMO

This is the third part of a blog series on a trend I have noticed with myself and my friends. Real community seems to be harder and harder to come by. More work seems to be producing less results. Why is this?

This next part to the series basically builds off of part one and two, so please check them out.

Option paralysis FOMO

Options have genuinely created a paralysis of commitment in today’s world. We see before us an endless array of entertainment thru media like Netflix, a countless plethora of people to hang out with via social media and our cell phones, and a growing grouping of activities from trendy niches and athletic inventions.

All of this has made us uneasy to commit to one thing in the fear better options may present themselves. We hold out for the movie we want to see, people we enjoy more, or activities that better fit what we enjoy.

The question guiding our decisions is ‘what if something better comes along?’, and so we don’t commit to anything. I’ve heard some call it Option Paralysis in which we are so overwhelmed with options that we end up choosing nothing. One of my friends calls it FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out. I think that says it pretty well, we don’t commit because we think we may miss something else.

We do not take a moment to think that it was in fellowship with our friends and family that our love of one activity grew over another. It was the time with our parents that made us love hiking. It was during the games with our now friends that we grew to like them or even that game itself.

We too confidently assume we know what things or who, we will or will not like. One of my best friends I did not like till years after we met. Had I not been willing to give him a chance I would never have the amazing friendship we have now.

Another fact we ignore is that our commitment should not be rooted in ourselves. As Christians we are called to love one another. So perhaps we should not commit to fellowship with someone because we need it or because we will enjoy it, but because our neighbor needs it or will enjoy it.

I do this. I can choose anything but to hang out with that person or do that thing. So when I throw out this challenge to you know that I am in the same boat. So here is the challenge, next time you are in option paralysis, figure out which option is the most social, and do that. Don’t go what you wants or you ‘need’, choose community.

In a world so overrun with options we have begun to think the world is about us. It’s not. Don’t give into FOMO.

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