Shouldn’t we make informed decisions on abortion?

This post is less of presenting a fully thought out argument against abortion as it is to hopefully create a discussion between my readers who believe the same as I do and those who don’t.

One thing I have heard or hinted at by some, not all, pro-choice advocates is they don’t believe someone thinking should necessarily know all of the details. They may not say it that way, but instead they may say, they don’t believe the woman needs to see an ultrasound, or they don’t need to know all of the details of how the abortion works, or they shouldn’t see the baby after the abortion or that it is wrong to show people pictures of abortion procedures.

I have to ask, ‘why’?

To me having the potential mother see the ultrasound would be part of helping her have a fully informed decision. She can understand how far along the child is, what it looks like, how much it weighs etc. Her understanding how the abortion works helps her to know what they are going to do, after all it’s her body, she should know what they’re doing to it. Why shouldn’t she see the baby afterword, if it really is a cluster of cells lying on the table after the abortion that shouldn’t rattle her.

To me not giving people all the information we can is rather dishonest, sketchy, or even deceiving. I tend to think that truth will surface when we provide people with as much of the facts as we can.

I know pro-choice advocates feel that doing such things is pro-life propaganda, but I don’t agree. With those sort of things we aren’t asking them to read a pro-life brochure, video or any other propaganda we are simply asking them to present the facts. Show them what their child looks like. Explain to them what the abortion procedure is. Don’t sugar coat it, using terms like ‘terminating a pregnancy’. Tell them you are killing what is inside of them. Call it a baby or don’t, but don’t act like it isn’t alive.

I know that there are some who will read this and disagree. I genuinely would like to hear and understand your perspective. Please comment and let’s have an honest discussion.


  1. Full informed consent is the medical standard of care. If we as medical professionals do not fully disclose all the treatment ramifications we can lose our licenses . Why would this be different?

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