One of the many Christian double standards

If you have read my blog with any consistency you know that I tend to write about some things that can be a bit controversial. As a result it can erupt into some rather lively discussions. I have a few friends of mine who read my blogs despite disagreeing with me heartily on things but my hope is always that we come to a better understanding of each other. One recent discussion with my friend Christen reminded me of one of the many double standards of Christians.

We had been arguing about abortion and she made the great and completely true point that many Christians tout the ‘all life is precious’ line when dealing with abortion but don’t carry that over to other areas of life, often areas that are more relevant to our own lives. So I wanted to challenge my Christian readers a bit, and in all honesty myself as well.

We like to say that ‘all life is precious’ but do we represent that in our actions. Think through your life for a bit.

When was the last time you saw a homeless person on the street. What did you do? Did you do anything? Did you attempt to help? Did buy them a meal? Did you offer the extra change in your pocket? Try to help them find a job?

What is your attitude toward immigrants? Recent events with our Presidents travel ban should put this on the forefront of our minds. I understand we can say we need to protect ourselves, and we can also say the government isn’t supposed to do the things the church does but how can we help the needy if we aren’t allowing them to come here where our church can help? Have you thought about your protection in the context of the fact Jesus told us to turn the other cheek? We say we have the right to keep ourselves safe, but where did you see that in scripture? Yes, we can still help people in foreign countries by giving money or other things, and that is true, but do you? Do you send money to the needy?

In the area of abortion we are so quick to say it’s wrong but are we trying to help create viable alternatives. The system for child adoption is laborious and tedious are we taking actions to change that? Are we willing to take those babies ourselves?

I know this is heavy handed. It was meant to be. My friend has made a great criticism of us as Christians and I hope that my fellow Christians will take note of it. Are we really viewing all life as precious? Am I? Are you?


  1. We NEED to fight abortion -over 60 million babies have been killed. I don’t believe that fighting against abortions and agreeing with the temporary immigration ban from 6 (7?) countries is hypocritical. Did you know that ISIS has a ‘business’ plan? The ultimate goal is to kill/murder anyone who does not believe as they do.
    Forcing millions out of their homelands and into Europe was part of their plan -create chaos in the European countries where immigrants landed. This accomplishes other goals as well -plant their warriors there, establish themselves in communities then inspire attacks, kill those who do not believe like them and create widespread fear.
    They have already assimilated in the US – just as the San Bernadino killers did. And it is not IF, but WHEN they will strike again – either a 911 style attack or smaller orchestrated attacks.
    Many are RAISED to kill. They are beheading and crucifying Christians, women and children in the middle east. They are using social media and technology to draw men and women to their cause.
    They are dangerous and difficult to fight – because they are amongst us already, continue to enter the country.
    Lets put our resources into getting rid of ISIS so these people/immigrants can return to their countries – I am sure they prefer to be “home”.
    This immigration order is temporary and needed – God DOES honor establishing borders.
    My heart goes out to those immigrants who are harmless but there is no Detector for the Heart – we must screen those coming from high risk countries – ISIS is using men and women of ALL ages as tools in suicide bombings.
    I do not want to see fellow Americans at risk of being murdered while shopping at a mall, going to a concert or out dancing at a club, attending a sporting event or something as seemingly harmless as a company Christmas party.
    God wants us to be compassionate but He also wants us to be smart and on guard – it is a new kind of battle against evil.

    1. I never said we don’t need to fight abortion. Read many of my other posts and you’ll see how I feel about that. But fighting abortion and not being loving to those who have been through one or are thinking about having one are not mutually exclusive things. We can do both.

      As for the immigration thing, yes things are different, but not as different as we like to think. In the apostles day people were killed in the colosseum because of what they believed. Did the Christians fight in those instances? No. They kept loving those around them and often not only didn’t fight but knowingly ran to the danger despising their own lives for the sake of Christ. Is our view to protect ourselves really biblical? I am not so sure.

      1. I am quite familiar with abortion and cringe when I hear Christians judging others. Since the 70’s Planned Parenthood has made abortion a form of birth control and made it simple for women -including lots of Christian women. They need more love and compassion than we can imagine. Check out – just heard about them today – doing some amazing work.
        9th Chapter of the Quran V. 5; “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, beseige them and lie in ambush EVERYWHERE for them.”
        I don’t believe God wants us to just walk into the colleseum and die in these times. Psalm 94:16 “Stand up against evil”
        Capitol Ministries had a two segment Bible study I would recommend reading; ‘The ISIS Threat: The Bible on When War is Justifiable’ here’s a piece from it:
        “Blessed are the peacemakers is one of Jesus’ beatitudes to how believers are to conduct their personal lives. But there is a distinction between Jesus’ instruction regarding personal behavior and the responsibilities He sets forth to His ordination of the institution of Government (Romans 13:1-8 and 1 Peter 2:13-14) that Christian Members are called to serve.”
        They (ISIS) are horribly evil and have played on our national ‘goodness’ and are hiding amongst innocent/decent Muslim immigrants to get into US, for the sole purpose of murdering us. Yes, lets love on and shelter the innocent people but let our government do their job in lowering the % of the bad actors getting in.

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