OH NO! Other Planets could have life? Does that mean God Doesn’t Exist?

Recently, NASA has discovered seven new planets that could sustain life. So are we not alone? If we aren’t alone does that mean God isn’t real? 

I haven’t particularly heard anyone give the argument yet, but I think it’s just a matter of time. The Bible makes it very clear that humankind is the center of Gods creation. So if other forms of life exist on other planets doesn’t that negate that we are the center of Gods creation? The short answer. . . No. 

Actually, this would only support the existence of God. First of all, why would other life mean that we are not the peak of creation? Why would we assume that life, if it exists on another planet, is superior to our own? It makes a good sci-fi movie but it doesn’t make for good science. 

At this point NASA knows that only four of these planets also fit the necessary distance from their sun to sustain life by the temperature. They still don’t know if they have water or oxygen or the unbelievably large amount of other necisarry settings for life to be sustained. 

Oh, and then there is the unbelievable chance that that planet if it could sustain life would ever actually receive life. The information contained in the DNA of the first ameba that life supposedly spurred from would have to happen a second time. The amount of information is equal to 1,000 sets of encyclopedias. It’s not realistic to think this would randomly appear as necessary for life to exist on two of five planets. 

But let’s say it did. The only thing that means is that now not only do we have two planets perfectly set to have life and that actually have life. So what does that mean about whether God exists or not? It means the chances of science explaining life and the reasonableness that there is an intelligent designer has just gone up exponentially. 

So has NASA given us reason to disbelieve in God? Just the opposite. 

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