Why I like talking with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons

I think there are many Christians who feel intimidated to talk to Jehovah Witnesses’ and Mormons. Most of the time we realize that the missionaries from those religions have done a lot of studying and preparing to share about their faith and we find that intimidating because we feel like we haven’t done much of that ourselves. But I wanted to challenge you to think of this differently.

It is true that Mormon and JW missionaries are well prepared when they come to your door to talk, but perhaps you have been looking at it all wrong. We see it as someone coming to our door to convert us, but perhaps we need to keep in mind that as Christians it is our job to lead others to Christ. That being said rather than seeing those missionaries who come to your door as a moment that you need to put up your defenses perhaps we should see it as an opportunity to share our faith.

I think if we are honest not many of us go around sharing our faith with those who don’t believe. It’s scary and intimidating to start that conversation, but that is what is so great about missionaries that have come to your door. Rather than having to start that conversation yourself they have done it for you.

I know for me the scariest thing isn’t really talking about God once the conversation is brought up, but finding ways to bring up the conversation in the first place.

Some people may feel like they don’t have the confidence or knowhow to talk about God especially to someone like a Mormon or JW missionary, but I would encourage you that if you have been in the church for long you are probably better prepared than you think.  When discussing with JW or Mormons I think it usually come pretty easy to start sniffing out the things that just don’t feel right. You may not know exactly what is off the bat or know the verses specifically to show them why, but I often find simply asking questions is all you need to do.

If you didn’t see the video I posted about the Colombo tactic you should check it out here. Basically the tactic teaches you a way to ask questions in such a way to sniff out what may not be right in an argument and have them back up what they are saying. With that tool in your toolbox you will find that you are much better equipped to dialogue with others and share your faith than you may have given yourself credit.

The fact of evangelism is that many of us don’t get in the water because we don’t know how to swim, but we have to get in the water in order to learn.

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