A reply to a Muslims objection of the Trinity from the late Nabeel Qureshi

We’ve talked about this issue a few times, but more an more I see that having a clear understanding of the Trinity is necessary. In this video Nabeel answers a typical objection to the Trinity in that the term Trinity does not appear in the scripture. Check it out:


    1. That doesn’t deal with it at all.

      First, the article does nothing to reconcile the two verses but simply points out why the author believe Qureshi’s answer doesn’t work. This still leaves you to reconcile the original dilemma.

      Second, the verse does not explicitly call God one here. It does calm God One but to do so explicitly would mean it says in the verse that there are no persons within the Godhead it does not.

      Lastly, the argument that these verses make Jesus on a lower footing and therefore not on level with God the father is rather lazily thrown in and undeveloped. To say that two persons must manifest their power in the same way in order to be equal is untrue. Two kings may have equal power while one refuses to meet with his civilians and the other does not. You and I may have the same job but that doesn’t mean we dress, eat or act the same way but our power is still equal. Jesus took on the appearance of a man which made it so man could see him. God the father has not chosen to do this it does not make him above Christ simply a different role. In the Christian world man and woman are equal in the eyes of God, yet the man leads the woman in marriage. In that same way so it with Jesus and the Father.

      In conclusion, not only does your article fail to show why Qureshi’s answer is wrong but fails to give an answer to the original dilemma itself. The article does nothing.

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