Is Jesus Michael the Archangel?

Jehovah Witness’ believe that Michael is another name for Jesus. states, “At times, individuals are known by more than one name.” The website then goes on to give two arguments.


The first is that since Jesus speaks with the voice of an archangel in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and since the Bible only mentions one archangel that Jesus must be Michael the Archangel. The problem with this argument is that having the voice of an archangel does not mean you are an/the archangel. Jesus can use whatever voice he wishes but that no more makes him an angel then Jehovah appearing in a burning bush means God is a bush. Furthermore, the use of ‘the’ when referring to Michael as an archangel no more makes Michael the only Archangel then referring to Payton Manning as the quarterback means he is the only one. Jewish tradition believes there were seven archangels including Gabriel.

The second argument is that Michael is called the army leader and so is Christ, which indicates then that they must be same person. Here again we are seeing the Jehovah witness making some false connections. It is possible that Jesus can be the leader of the army while Michael is as well. Asking who is the leader of the US army is a great example. Who is the leader of the US military? The Commander and Chief (Donald Trump) is the leader of the US Military while we also have a head general that could also be considered the leader of the US military. Does that mean they are the same person? Of course not.
Furthermore, would Jesus/Michael being the head of the armies mean that Jehovah is no longer the leader of the army? Of course not! Jehovah is still the the head of the army and Jesus/Michael is the head of the army while they are not the same person. Why can’t then are Michael and Jesus the same person because they are still both the head of the angel armies.

Just because Jesus and Michael share one title that by no means translates to Jesus being Michael. One must also ask, if Jesus is Michael because they share one title why isn’t Jesus Jehovah because of the many titles that they share such as Redeemer, Alpha and Omega, Shepherd, and giver of life?

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