The entire abortion debate comes down to one question. . .

Abortion often feels like a very hard topic to talk over. So many factors seem to play a part in the debate. What if the mother can’t afford to take care of the child? What if she isn’t prepared for other reasons? What if the mother was raped? What if the baby will have abnormalities?  What if the mother is too young to raise a child? What if the family doesn’t support the mother? What if the father says she should have an abortion?

What if I told you the entire abortion debate can be narrowed down to one question? What if I told you the best answer to that question supports a pro-life stance?
Well, it’s true. As complicated as the abortion issue often seems it really does come down to this one thing.

Is it human?

Think on that for a moment. If the child is human then every other reason to justify abortion goes out the window. Why? Because there is no reason, no matter how good it may sound, that a person can justify killing an innocent child.

A mother can’t kill an innocent child because she cannot take care of it. Be it money or just an overall unpreparedness of a mother to take care of a child it doesn’t justify the mother killing her innocent child.

If a mother was raped that also doesn’t give her justification to kill another human being. If you punch me in the face that doesn’t give you a right to punch your roommate. Mothers choosing to kill their child because they were raped is unjust to the innocent child.

Please hear me. I am not saying that rape is ok or that there should not be justice done. But the justice is enacted on the criminal just like any crime and the child is not the criminal. Rape is a horrendous evil, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

So how should we define when a child becomes human? The pro-life position is that it is at conception. It is at this point that the child has human DNA that is unique from it’s parents and will never change again.

Why should we reject all the other times in the development of the baby for it becoming human? Well, every other definition can be narrowed down to five categories and each of them fail for logical reasons to fit anything except an arbitrary line for when a child becomes a human.

I’ll be writing a six part blog series dealing with each of these categories but to just wet your interest here are the categories.

  1. Location
  2. Size
  3. Dependency
  4. Devolopement
  5. Conciousness

If you have a hard time supporting your pro-life viewpoint to your friends I suggest you check out this blog for the next couple of weeks or so. Hit the subscribe button as well to make sure you don’t miss any of them!


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