Be Aware of The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)

I need to send out a bit of a warning of a quickly growing ‘church’ group that we as Christians will probably be interacting with more and more.

The group is called the World Mission Society Church of God. Here in the United States they are growing significantly and are greatly focused on reaching women and college students. On college campus’ they are known as the Seven Thunders.

It would be one thing if this was simply a new church denomination but it’s not. Their theology is flawed and unbiblical. Several things must be highlighted about their beliefs

  1. They believe that Jesus second coming has already happened in a Korean man named Ahn Sahng-hong Christ. Ahn Sahng-hong began preaching  in 1948 and died in 1985 fullfilling none of the biblical prophecies of the second coming.
  2. They believe that there is a heavenly Mother, named Zahng Gil Jah, prophesied of in the Bible who still lives in Korea and was Ahn Sahng-hong’s wife (pictured). She still lives in Korea and the members of the church make a point to try and visit her.tumblr_inline_nmunvpnb3z1qbmt2a_500
    1. They believe that it is through the heavenly mother that people are given the everlasting water.
  3. They believe the new Jerusalem has already been established in Korea.
  4. They reject the trinity accepting a modalistic view of God in which he has shown himself first as God the Father, then as Jesus, then as the Holy Spirit who is Ahn Sahng-hong.
  5. The cult ostracizes people including families who have left or are against the church.

Also, I should mention my previous blog which gives you a checklist of what a cult looks like. In my experience to this point this church fits almost all of the groups.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.56.31 PM
Baptism ceremony at WMSCOG in Korea

The church was started by Ahn Sahng-hong and has continued on without him. Ahn Sahng-hong himself actually rejected any belief in a heavenly mother and wrote against the doctrine but that seems to have been lost among the church today. In fact another church called the New Covenant Passover Church of God which actually follows the original teachings of Ahn Sahng-hong and split away from the WMSCOC in order to follow those teachings. The Passover Church believes that we are saved only by Christ, that Ahn Sahng-hong was not Christ, and rejects a belief in a heavenly mother.

As of 2017 the church boasts nearly three million members and 700 churches in 175 countries, so you can see that the church is growing rapidly. Part of this is due to their very aggressive evangelistic tactics. My own experience was quite wholesome with the group talking on campus  and even attending on of their ‘bible studies’, but there are many accounts of women being confronted aggressively in Wall-Mart parking lots and even fears of connections with sex trafficking. I could not confirmed that there is any actual connection with sex trafficking but aggressive evangelism tactics are clearly true.

Currently the group is on several campus’ in Colorado, CSU, CSU Pueblo, UNC, MSU, CU Denver, CU Colorado Springs, and probably a few more. As far as the actual church they are located in Colorado Springs, Denver and Northglenn. I was told that they have a church in Fort Collins now but I have not been able to find the location.

Source Links:
Youtube playlist from WMSCOG
Trinity teachings

Other Sources:
Aggressive evangelism

People Magazine-ex members

Court Case revealing money issues




  1. Excellent information and use of Apologetics. The information on the World Missions Society Church of God is very much needed. The ministry I am involved with has received a number of calls seeking information on this group. I live in Denver and 3 years ago myself and Bill Honsberger visited their center at 8th And Holly St and debated one of the leaders there unbelievable twisting of Scripture.Are you in the Denver area?

  2. Thank you for your article. My autistic son is currently endoctrinated by this cult. They are targeting our youth and the wealthy. My son lives in California. They have satellite groups all over. Praying for absolute exposure of these false doctrines before others become victims and to pull out those already manipulated.

  3. Hi, Thanks for posting this! A Facebook neighborhood group has been posting about women approaching them in the parking lots of Walmart, Target and other places. I was trying to figure out who they were and then I was approached in King Soopers by a young Black women asking me to a Bible Study about God the Mother. We had a lively discussion and she left incredibly flusters and the last thing she told me was I am deceived and she would pray for me. She didn’t like being questioned and obviously was not ready for someone who knows the Word. I did ask her for her card and realized they are WMSCOG. I tried to get her to see context, but they are pretty well indoctrinated and the twisting of scripture is astounding. I asked her where they were located and found out they bought the old Crossroads Church of Denver main building. I spent the first 18 years of my Christianity there in that building. I will use your site and this link for others sake. Leaned tons more about them since.
    Thank you brother!

  4. Wow, I was approached by a young lady at the bus stop by Walmart on tower road asking me if I want to go to a Bible study.. These are the questions I asked her. Is the doctrine you’re teaching true doctrine? Are you a Christian ? Also, if you are non denominational? I finally went to this “Bible study” I just wanted to check it out. My spirit was already preparing me. Inkid you not before I even looked up anything after this situation. My spirit was telling me they were involved in sex trafficking. As I was there they were trying to push there doctrine on me. My spirit didn’t feel right in there. They are now located off 50th and Kipling in wheatridge. I was in the church and it definitely does not feel Godly in there. She was telling me they are in colleges as well. One of the girls was for accounting the other for psychology. So yes I believe this to be a cult. They tried to get me to attend there service I told them no because they wanted me to wear a veil on my head. They’re were not worshipping God the heavenly Father they were worshipping God the mother. They tripped me out I had to get out of there fast. So sad so many lost young souls in there.

    1. My dear, I saw no hate on this page. This article is speaking truthfully. These people are speaking from their experiences. My autistic son was in this cult for a season but God opened his eyes and thankfully my son began to see the teachings were not the Gospel, renounced them, and left it. God bless you always Sarah.

    2. just by people thinking their on opinion but that it doesn’t become a cult if so people blamed Jesus also has cult in the time of Jews because that had their on opinion. Instead of blaming any one we need to know the truth first so that later we can find out what is cult and who are in cult. Without listening to any one we can’t say it’s a cult. I hope the maker of this page realize. If you want to know how do they prove mother I earnestly ask you contact me so we can know

  5. This is no help
    These are just judge mental opinions
    I’m more and more curious about this organization

    I heard they believe in the second coming and Godnthe Mother.

    I always thought there must be a Mother if there is a Father.
    Why would God tell us to Pray to our Father if there is no Mother.
    Plus, if we are called the children of God and we have a Father … where is the Mother ?

    I’m confusing myself.
    I’m just gonna go ask them myself instead of hearing it from you Negative Nancy’s

    What if second coming has already come and we just don’t want to listen like the Jews did with Jesus…
    IDK about you guys but I’m not taking my chances
    This world is looking crazier and crazier.
    So …. I’m going to go ask them myself.

    1. Yes your right just by people thinking their on opinion but that it doesn’t become a cult if so people blamed Jesus also has cult in the time of Jews because that had their on opinion. Instead of blaming any one we need to know the truth first so that later we can find out what is cult and who are in cult. Without listening to any one we can’t say it’s a cult. I hope the maker of this page realize.

      1. My son was in the WMSCOG cult and it did not see Jesus Christ as the Messiah. They elevated the church founder to deity status and created a “Mother God” which is a person living in another country. When they pray and sing they worship these two and not Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior. God saved my son from this anti-Christ and blasphemy. May He expose deception and open those who have embraced these false teachings to give their lives to our Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit. To God be all the Glory.

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