The Practical Fight Against Abortion

If you have been on this blog for any amount of time you know that a big heart of this blog is to work toward the ending of abortion. One thing I have been learning more in this area is a big part of working toward ending abortion is rooted in the practical issues. Although, this blog as an apologetics blog is focused on the logical arguments regarding abortion I am realizing more and more, that the practical issues cannot be separated from this apologetics side of this.

We may be able to make the plainest and most logical argument against abortion but unless we can establish that we care for people in these circumstances we will never be heard. This is part of what the theme of this blog is when we say ‘truth spoken without love is not truth’.

If we are going to win the fight against abortion I see at least three steps that the church must make in changing our culture regarding this issue.

Love & Support from Church:

The church has done a phenomenal job keeping a strong stance against abortion emphasizing that is immoral and unbiblical. The unfortunate side of this is that the church has not always done the best making those who have been affected by abortion feel like the church is a safe space. Be it someone who has had an abortion, someone who is currently considering having an abortion, or someone even involved in the abortion process, the church is not the first place people come when they need support. This should not be the case. We need to create a church culture in which people who are considering abortion for any and every circumstance think “I could go to church” when they are looking for support in these difficult circumstances. 
It’s not an easy line to make, but I believe if churches always emphasize that church is a place for those in hard circumstances even those deeply involved in abortion will feel that the church is a safe place to talk about abortion, and if the church has this reputation people will be much more likely to hear what we have to say regarding abortion.

Taking Care of Mom and Child

The Church also needs to make an emphasis on reaching those who are directly affected by abortion. If a mother decides not to abort their child is the church the first place they know they can get help to support? If a mother feels like they will be taken care of by the church it makes it tremendously easier to say no to abortion. But when a mother feels like it is going to ruin their lives choosing abortion can seem appealing even if they believe abortion is wrong. Winning the argument, in that case, means we have only won the mind but we have not ended abortion. If we only win the mind we haven’t won the fight against abortion.
Does your church have outreaches for single or young mothers? Are there things set in place to help the mother raise the child, to continue their education, resources for jobs? If a mother doesn’t feel they can raise the child are their resources for her to connect with an adoption group? These are needs the church must make a priority along with preaching against abortion if we really want to see the end of abortion.

Emphasis on healing, forgiveness and a loss of shame

The church is right to say that abortion is morally wrong but is there a balance struck that would create an environment to make even those who have had abortions feel like they can come to church for help? Would a mother who has had an abortion just feel that they would be judged and shamed by the church? Or would she know that Christ’s blood covers everything that they are washed clean from it all and they do not have to live in shame?
As I do ministry on college campus’ I find that many students have left the church because they feel the church constantly shames people for their sin. I am sure there is probably no group that feels this more than those who have been affected by abortion or the LGBTQ+ community.
This breaks my heart for although it is true we must stand against a world that has begun to even celebrate atrocities like abortion, I know Jesus created a culture that even the worst of sinners felt loved and cared for despite knowing He opposed their lifestyle. We must create a culture that mirrors that.


  1. Very helpful article. It’s no use saying what’s right and wrong if we don’t help people practically to chose what’s right.

    Apparently, in the time of the early church, what Romans would do with unwanted pregnancies would often be to leave newborn infants out in the open to die. Christians would save these babies and adopt them.

    Apparently in the UK if every Christian family adopted a child that needed adopting, there would be no waiting list for adoptions. Also, a large percentage of adoptions in the UK are by LGBTetc couples (can’t remember the number, I think it was about 20% but don’t quote me on that!).

    1. Wow, that is interesting. I should do some research on how that would effect adoption in the US too. It’s been a hope of mine when I get married and I am ready for kids to adopt the child of a kid that a mother is thinking of aborting. If more Christians had that attitude I am sure we would see abortion numbers drop significantly.

      1. Yeah there was a campaign recently in the UK to encourage Christians to adopt. Having been adopted by God, it’s a great thing to do! 🙂

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