Another way to talk about the Trinity

The Trinity is one of the hardest doctrines of all of Christianity to be able to explain to people. In my previous blog I explained one of the good illustrations   for the Trinity as apposed to some of the bad analogies.

Another possible way to explain the Trinity is by thinking of a 3d image trying to reveal itself into a 2d world. For instance if we were to think of a hand placing itself in the plain of a 2d world there would be something there that the 2d world would never be able to understand about what the hand actually looks like. At one moment if you placed only your fingers in the 2d world it would seem as though you were 5 different to the 2d world. At another moment you would look like one object when you place your entire hand on the 2d world palm down.

To the 2d beings it would seem as though you are both 1 and 5 different things, but in reality we all know that it’s simply your hand. Saying your hand is 1 in 5 would in some way explain it but not perfectly. This same sort of thing can be applied to the Trinity. God would simply exist in a dimension beyond our own that allows him to be both 3 persons and one being. We may not comprehend or understand what that means but it wouldn’t make that logically impossible.

Bible project gives a great video illustration of what this would look like, check it out below.

If you still feel the Trinity seems logically impossible I encourage you to check out my blog on the subject: How the Trinity isn’t logically impossible.

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