Ex-Mormon becomes a Christian

Eric Wendt was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). He left during his time in college and now a heart for reaching LDS. In this interview Eric shares with Noah the reasons why he left the church shares advice on how to evangelize your LDS friends.


  1. This all begins on a false premise. There is no such thing as a “Mormon” Church, no “Mormons”, no “Church of Mormon”, no “Mormonism”.
    By contrast… There is a “Lutheran Church”, there are Lutherans, there is “Lutheranism”.

    There are Catholics, that practice Catholicism, being members of the Catholic Church…

    Do we call the Jews… “Mosesans”? Is Judaism called The church of Moses? Do Jews practice Mosesism?
    Why or why not?

    The answer is simple…

    This person left a church… that DOESN’T exist….

    big deal.

    1. Also people that follow Judaism. . . Are called Jews. . . This is rather common knowledge the term Jew refers to both a Jewish person ethnically and/or someone who is religiously Jewish.

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