A great reply to the latest viral pro-choice arguemen

Here is a fantastic reply to the latest viral argument put out by pro-choice advocates of scenarios in which they believe women should have a right to abort. . . quite simply these arguments don’t add up.


  1. This still doesn’t explain why an unconscious being that can’t live on its own gets more say over my internal organs than I do.

    Still waiting on why that makes sense to you.

    1. Well first I would like to ask are you speaking of only cases of rape in this? If so have you been a victim to rape?

      I ask that Not because it’s any of my business. But because I want to make sure you’ve done all the help you need first before we discuss this topic. I care more that you get out the help you need then winning an argument.

      1. I appreciate your concern, sincerely. I am not the victim of rape, and I’m not speaking specifically in cases of rape. There is no situation I can imagine wherein an unconscious being gets to claim privileged status in my body.

      2. Ok, I think my argument would then be that when you consented to sex you consented to the consequences of sex. One of those would be becoming pregnant. If I speed I can’t tell the officer that I didn’t consent to getting a ticket but I did consent to driving over the speed limit.

        I don’t think I would see it really as the unconscious being as having privilege over your body but really that you already gave your consent to the unconscious being.

        Also with the mention of unconscious are you then saying that once the baby has brainwaves abortion should be illegal regardless of what the mother desires? Otherwise it seems odd to bring up consciousness.

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