Jehovah Witness’ 101

Near the end of the 18th century several groups of bible students began meeting together in an effort to distinguish the current teachings of the churches from the teachings of the Bible. One of these groups came under the leadership of Charles Taze Russel in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Much of the teaching of the group centered around end times prophecy centering around the kingdom of God being established invisibly in 1914.

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Does the Enneagram work?

If you run in a group of Christians like myself you’re probably hearing a lot about the enneagram and maybe even finding it a go to conversation to grow some deeper relationships with friends.

I’ve found the Enneagram pretty helpful to myself but lately I’ve started to reconsider just how helpful it is. Check out my latest video as I interview my friend Jay Medenwaldt about just how reliable the Enneagram is.

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