Other Apologetics Resources

maxresdefaultCross Examined is the apologetics ministry of Frank Turek, the author of I Don’t have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. Frank is a phenomenal teacher and has a way of being very precise and to the point about issues.

greg_001Stand to Reason is the apologetics ministry of Greg Koukl, the author of Tactics. Greg and Stand to Reason is known for teaching strategies for conversation in which someone can reason for truth even if they don’t have a large amount of apologetics knowledge.

ravi-zachariasRavi Zacharias International Ministries is the apologetics ministry of Ravi Zacharias. Ravi was born in India and came to the Lord while studying in Canada. He now tours around the world speaking at top level colleges and sharing the reasons for the christianity in a way that expounds every aspect of the questions he receives.

williamlanecraigReasonable Faith is the apologetics ministry of William Lane Craig. Craig is known for being a phenominal debater for Christianity. He has debated the greatest athiest skeptics in our time and is acknowledged by many other apologists as being the most tactful and convincing debater or the Christian faith.