One of the Biggest Contradictions of Mormonism

It’s been a long while since I have written an article, for that I apologize. I am hoping I can jump back into the swing of things in this next week.

One of the things that has been consuming a huge amount of my time is studying Mormonism. I’ve been reading through the Book of Mormon, meeting with some Mormon missionaries, and reading some books on Mormonism and the Book of Mormon.
One thing that has completely stood out to me in the midst of this has been the clear contradictions within Mormonism about God.

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A reply to a Muslims objection of the Trinity from the late Nabeel Qureshi

We’ve talked about this issue a few times, but more an more I see that having a clear understanding of the Trinity is necessary. In this video Nabeel answers a typical objection to the Trinity in that the term Trinity does not appear in the scripture. Check it out:

The Danger of Overemphasizing Theology

A friend of mine recently lead an apologetics small group in which he shared a piece of defense that he knew his pastor disagreed with. In hindsight, he questioned if he should have presented the material when his pastor was in disagreement about it. I believe that this outlines one of the most dangerous things that can result from a wrong approach in both apologetics and theology. Continue reading