How making marriage​ about love cleared a path for LGBTQ+

This view of marriage is a huge problem. The divorce rate in the US is a shameful 50% of marriages ending in divorce and that number doesn’t change much with Christians according to surveys (although those surveys made no inquiries to see how dedicated those Christians were in their faith). That means for every two marriages a day there is one divorce. This simply needs to change. We are in dire need of change to what marriage looks like in order to bring more healthy, lasting marriages that contribute to strong faithful relationships both in the marriage itself and outside. 
That being said this idea that we should marry someone for love has frankly got to go.

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A Brief Sample of Old Testament Archeological Corroboration from J. Warner Wallace

I’ve learned to test witnesses in my criminal investigations before trusting their testimony, and I evaluate them with the template we typically use in jury trials. One dimension of this template is corroboration: Is there any verifying evidence supporting the claims of the eyewitness?

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