Most Popular Blogs of 2017

Hello world!

As the year comes to a close I thought it would be fun to look at the blogs that you all liked the most from this last year. Here is the top 10 blogs by popularity from 2017 along with a list of my personal top 5 favorites that didn’t make the to 10. Hope you all enjoy them and happy new year!

Top Ten Most Popular Blogs:

  1. Why the Christian Creation Model makes more sense of suffering than any other religion.
  2. The Single Most Damaging Statement to the Christian Faith
  3. If God is Loving Why is the Path to Heaven so Narrow?
  4. Why doesn’t God intervene to stop those who are doing evil?
  5. The Frightful Alternatives if Jesus Isn’t God.
  6. If you only learn one thing for defending Christianity, learn this.
  7. Three Blunders Atheists make arguing against God
  8. Does God send people to hell?
  9. Why does God seem different in the New Testament and the Old Testament?
  10. C.S. Lewis and how God exists with Pain and Suffering in the world
    Noah’s Favorite Five:

    1. Jesus Wouldn’t Argue. . .
    2. Why Even if you are pro-choice you should be angry with Planned Parenthood
    3. Is Christianity as violent as Islam?
    4. Pseudo Tolerance
    5. Thank you Atheist YouTuber JaclynGlenn

Two things to say to a street preacher

All of us have had experience with street preachers in one place or another. Sometimes these men or women do a good job presenting the gospel. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Many of these preachers messages are offensive, condemning, name-calling, and rarely teaches the hope of the Gospel, and therefore not a Gospel at all. If you’re like me hearing this sort of ‘preaching’ makes your blood boil. The last time I heard one of these bullhorn preachers I had a big final that I needed to study for, but I just couldn’t focus when I knew someone was out there damaging the Gospel. So instead of studying the rest of the day, I confronted the preacher and I thought you may be interested to know things that you should bring up to one of these ‘preachers’ next time you encounter one. Continue reading