My Hot Take on the Book of Mormon

So I have just finished reading through the Book of Mormon for the first time and I have a lot of thoughts.

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  1. May God bless you abundantly in your journey towards truth.

    I am a devout Catholic who was involved in Mormonism for five years, but, I never had a testimony. Let’s just say it was part of my own journey which led me to a deeper understanding of Catholicism, and a more profound sense of truth, especially historical and particularly separating out commonly held Protestant myths from facts. Warts and all, the gates of hell have not prevailed against the Church which Christ founded.

    Satan has been working against the Church ever since. But he continues to lose, even despite the current heretical pope being involved in today’s deeply disturbing political environment. Naughty popes…good popes (very simply put, I know)…the Catholic Church still stands strong in the unity of the faithful, including faithful clergy etc., and has done so for (rounding up) 2000 years.

    Even Satan desires people to believe otherwise…that the entire Catholic Church is evil.

    I am also currently reading “Infiltration” by Taylor R. Marshall regarding the more modern day plots to destroy the Catholic Church from within. Christ’s church was never promised to be without the foot of Satan kicking her around and beguiling some foolish and/or prideful people into believing that their heresies were of God. It’s a huge topic that Protestants have no deeper understanding of beyond their commonly documented beliefs about Catholicism. But when some do decide to truly dig in, to go down rabbit holes they’ve never actually experienced or explored, their view changes dramatically. You will find the good, the bad and the ugly archived in Catholicism. Christ never said it would be perfect and this was true from the very beginning…

    The Book of Mormon has been debunked many times with copious evidence. If you look up CES Letter (sadly, the author has turned from God), however his work is still a righteous fight against that which is a work of Satan in Mormonism. The CES Letter should open up a raft of information which will help you understand even more deeply the path you are on regards the BoM.

    I have experienced LDS Temple practices…and all I felt was deeply disturbing…including a deep sense of Satan within. It was like ‘the elephant in the room’ for me. They told me it all seems strange at first but to keep attending and that it would all fall into place and begin to make sense. I only felt deception. Their temple practices are also indoctrinated with Masonic signs and symbols.

    They “baptise” people (youth, male and femal, are allowed and encouraged to participate in this) on behalf of dead people, (by proxy), so that dead people may accept the LDS gospel on the other side of the veil. They also practice sealing dead married couples and their children together in LDS doctrines. It is why they are so heavily invested in genealogy…even your own name and that of your loved ones can eventually be used in these practices.

    My gift of discernment (it is with a humble heart I share so) did not deceive me in the LDS temple. I felt the evil. I knew immediately it was wrong. But…I kept going for a time so as not to deeply disappoint my Mormon husband who has been LDS for over 20 years. When I did disclose I was returning to Catholicism he was instantly angry and fearful. My poor deceived man, such a beautiful soul, but not easy to engage with when the idea of being wrong surfaces. It would terrify him…So I leave it with God…

    Your work is a journey of many others, so I thank you my brother in Christ. May His Sacred Heart strengthen you now and always.

    I lovingly suggest to you (just a few names) all converts:
    Scott Hahn
    Trent Horn
    David L Gray

    Also online:
    The Coming Home Network
    Patristic Writings
    Catholic Answers

    And…a closer, more deeper study of how the Bible was compiled, particularly in light of the Catholic Church. Please…go deeper on this matter.

    Mary is also a hot topic and one I have come to more deeply and critically understand because…simply put…she is profoundly blessed among women and as generations have built contempt towards honoring the Mother of God, they have also gradually removed themselves from the reality of who she actually is and why. Sadly, for many in the Protestant world, Mary may as well be just another young woman who happened to be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and became pregnant with Jesus. It’s all watered down so much that it’s lost the profoundly deeper levels of approach and meaning. Satan enjoys this. It is his head who she crushes…Mary was not simply like any other woman. Sadly, on Good Friday this year, a horror movie related to Mary’s appearances is being released. It’s evil to consider the Mother of God in this horrendous way. And then there’s the (last year??) movie where Christ is depicted as a homosexual. Pure evil.

    Let us pray for one another and for our loved ones…keep up your good works, and I truly mean this. There’s more to come for you…

    Warm regards
    In Christ

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