The New You

Being graduation time, I can’t help but think of my first year out of high school and how I viewed it as a chance to recreate myself. Heading out to England I knew I would be a thousand miles away from anyone who knew me. If there was ever a chance to start again this was it I could be anyone I wanted to be. For those of you graduating this year your can relate to what I talking about right now. For the rest of you, you can probably look back on a time where you had the same feelings, either from graduating yourself, or just going into a new time of life. It’s a great feeling, especially if you have some things that people think about you that you just wish you could change.

I think these moments are a great image for our whole lives with Christ. Every moment we have a chance to recreate ourselves in Christ. These moments like graduation we look at as a clean slate because we no longer have to carry the past of the things we have done or said, everyone looks at us a new person. But Christ does the same for every moment of our lives. We are continually given a new slate, God has not only forgiven the things we have done but forgotten them altogether. And I would contend that if God has forgotten our sin, our mistakes, our failures, giving us a clean slate to make ourselves new just like we feel when we move to a new place in life, then we should continually live the same way.

When you look at yourself, do you feel in any way inclined to think there is no reason to improve because you can’t change the views of others about you?

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